Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Old Blog Info on the Twin Pregnancy!

Friday, June 06, 2008
Update for all! Current mood: blessed
So I forgot to post the update after my last ultrasound! They are definately Identical and they found both the amniotic sacs! Yipee!! So all is well and they are measuring right on schedule and the placenta looks great! Next ultrasound is June 26th and I will be 16weeks....perhaps we will get a glance between the legs?!!

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008
Ultrsound Pic
Well today I had another ultrasound of the Little One's today and it looks like they are still in the same sac. They are also measuring the same size (YIPEE!!) and there little heartbeats were great! Still looks to be identical....here is the pic not very clear, but you get the idea...baby a on top baby b on the bottom

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Sunday, May 11, 2008
The Dream, some of you already heard
Okay so this is the main reason I freaked out when I found out it was twins. Here is the dream/story I had posted it on a pregnancy message board on April 14th the day I took my prego Test...and then bam, it came true....

04-14-2008, 11:43 AM 1 tperras

Did anyone dream about having twins? (Kind of Long) Hi girls! I am from the September 07 board and now the Dec. 08 board. And I was just curious did anyone dream about having twins?! I have a 7 yr old boy, and a 7 mo old boy. And about a 5 weeks ago I had this really crazy dream. (I was not TTC and was on BC and never thought I could be prego) I am laying on the table at the dr's office and they are doing and ultrasound, I wasnt very far along and the nurse say's Wow looks like twins. Then the dream jumps ahead to them doing the sex ultrasound, Nurse says looks like 2 girls! Then the dreams jumps to them around I want to say 3 years and it was so vivid. I tell the girls to get dressed we are going to be late for church and I leave the room, I come back in and they still do not have their dresses on. I tell them " I am not playing get dressed now." One says to me "Mommy, we are different and we dont want to wear the same thing anymore" I then tell them that if they aren't dress soon they will be in trouble. The one says "No, we are wearing our underwear because it is the only thing we have that is different." Then the other one says " mommy, if we get dressed can we do our hair different?" I said Fine, just get dressed. So I come back in and they are dressed and then the one says " mommy I want a pony tail on my forehead to look like a unicorn." No way sweetie I tell her. Then the other one starts in. I get very annoyed and tell them to do their own hair. One says to the other "I will do your hair if you do mine?" and then they start ripping each other's hair out! and I wake up. I freaked out when I woke up but, I thought hey there is no way I am prego no big deal. Well then a few nights later I had a dream about my grandparents (who have passed) and it is so vivid I call my mom and explain it to her and she says wow i got the chills it seems just like them. At the end of the dream My Grandmother says to me " your grandfater whose to call me his Lilac Rose!" Well then Tuesday I reliazed how late my period was and BAM I prego! Now the night I take the test I dream the dream about my grandparents again and this time at the end my grandmother says " You must name your girls Lilac and Rose!" and now this all seems so Surreal. Not only was I on BC and not trying to concieve I am now freaking out on the possibility that I am pretty sure I am having twins. Ready for the TOPPER?? I was giving my husband a hard time, laughing about twins, and well our boys names are Jack & Teddy. I said if twin girls we need Kennedy names for them. I say well I know we could use Caroline, but what else?! So he googles it and guess what JFK's Mom's name was??!! ROSE!!!!! Sorry so long! Please give me your opinions!!! Tiffany
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Wednesday, May 07, 2008
Well had my ultrasound...AND
ITS TWINS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yes, its true! It's twins!!! We are still in shock, but it will all work out! They are pretty sure its identical twins...we shall see! I go for another ultrasound next tuesday because i was laughing and crying so much that my belly was shaking so much! and they couldnt get great measurements for the due date. They say baby A is measuring 9w6days and baby B 9w5d. Due Dec. 10th!
So my Crazy life, just got CRAZIER!!!!!!!!!!
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Sunday, April 27, 2008
Due Date unsure, will be clear on May 7th! Current mood: anxious
Thanks everyone for the warm wishes. I am not a hundred percent sure when my due date is...We are so pleasantly surprised, but since I have been blessed with no morning sickness like the first two I can only guess when my due date will be. I am pretty sure it is Dec. 4th. But I will be going to the Drs for an ultrasound on May 7th. I will then find for sure when the new little one will be coming.
Again thanks for all the great thoughts and I will keep everyone posted!