Thursday, January 3, 2008

How fast they grow

It's very hard for me to believe that 7 years ago I was children in my life, no diapers, no crying, no homework, no booboos or tears. But also no first smiles, no "mommy I love yous", no hands to hold and no butterfly kisses. I never would have thought that becoming a mom could change my whole life, my outlook on the world and how I would live my life. Now in a two weeks my oldest will be 7 years old, I have gone through all those baby moments with him, and shared his first day of school with him, his first hospital trip and first baseball game. What's next his first crush, first heartbreak and first day of much faster can this time fly by?

If you asked me 10 years ago where I saw myself in 10 years I probably would have told you a very different version of what my life is right now. I would have told you that I want to be living in California and that I what to be a journalist or a novelist or just travel the world. I never would have said I would still be in Jacksonville, or married or had 2 children. But now if you asked me where I will be in 10 years from now...I can say I think I will be helping my oldest decided where he wants to go to college and help him plan his final summer before his senior year of high school. I would be preparing my littlest one for middle school and trying to get him to let me drop him off at the door, even if his friends see me drive up, and I am sure I would explaining to him why his brother can't always drive him around everywhere. So I definately can say my life revolves around my children.

For my life to feel full, for me to be happy...all I need is for my two little men to be happy, and to know they always have parents that love them and will always be there. No matter what life brings, I can honestly tell you that my boys come first and their happiness is more important than my own. So If you don't agree with me or dont like that they are more important to me than you, then I am sorry but deal with it or move on! (In fact many of you have) I know all you mom's out there can agree with me on this...Do for your kids first, it isn't about who has the best cars or best houses, clothes or purses...It is do your children know that they are loved?? and of the kids are thinking mom stop saying you love me and just buy me the new video game and then I will know you love me...haha! Take care everyone...

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